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Nadia Buari: Perfect Women Don’t Exist, There Are Only Good Women

Nadia Buari, Ghanaian actress, also popular for her roles in Nollywood movies has opined that men should stop looking for perfect women as no such being exists.
In her opinion, what can be found are good women because as human beings, we all have certain limitations.

Buari who took to her Instagram page to make the submission noted that just as a woman may not have everything a man desires, so a man may not have everything a woman desires and that is exactly what makes us human beings.

She said the obvious human flaws should not stop men from considering such women as wife materials as what some lack in physical beauty, they account for in attitude and behaviour.

She said, “Just remember, Good women still exist but our tummies ain’t flat and we like to talk back”.

“You might find your desire women with all the beauty and curvy forms but her attitude will be very toxic and you can find the good character ones but they talk back and not having the beauty.”

See what she shared on her Instagram page on Wednesday.


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John Dumelo’s wife shares throwback photo of Nadia Buari’s ‘invisible’ baby bump – Insta Ghana

Wife of John Dumelo says Nadia Buari ‘can hide pregnancy for Africa’ as she drops throwback photo of her best friend showing her ‘invisible’ four-month baby bump of her fourth child.

Gifty Mawunya Nkornu dished out something unusual in her archive today, and it was all about Nadia Buari’s smart way of hiding her pregnancy from the spotlight.

According to Gifty, she attended an event with Nadia Buari, who was fourth month pregnant with her fourth child, and she managed to hide her baby bump from everyone’s sight.

She shared a throwback photo of herself with Nadia on a red carpet with the caption: “So @iamnadiabuari was five months pregnant with her fourth child in this picture… this girl can hide pregnancy for Africa….and by the way if u looking for a place to keep your secrets, kindly contact her”.


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A post shared by Mrs Dumelo (@missgeeonly)

Nadia reacted to the post, saying: “Oh boi…and it had to be the least attractive picture.”

Check out new pictures from Nadia Buari – Insta Ghana



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A post shared by Nadia Buari (@nadiabuaristar)

Sex, and having a baby for a man won’t make him stay – Nadia Buari says

Nadia Buari is of the opinion that the task of keeping a man will only yield a positive outcome if the man wants to be in the relationship.

Only a man who wants to be in a relationship can be made to stay in one. Trying to pin him down with a baby may not work according a Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari. [Instagram/iamnadiabuari]

The Ghanaian actress made this thought public in an Instagram post she shared on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

In the post, Buari noted that she had just gotten off the phone with her friend who is in a dilemma concerning how to sustain her relationship.

According to the actress, the lady is considering getting off pills in order to be able to conceive a child with the hope that it will help steer the relationship in her favour.

“ I just got off the fon with a childhood friend of mine who’s having relationship issues and feels her last resort is to get off the pills and have a baby for him,” says Nadia Buari.

In her submission, it should not take so much effort to make a male partner interested. It can only happen if he is willing.

Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke?

Not too long ago, Nadia Buari was the center of rumour involving a short-lived romance with a Nigerian actor Jim Iyke, who denied that they were ever serious in a 2017, interview with Punch News.

Four years before this, Jim Iyke introduced a reality TV show “Jim Iyke Unscripted” where the actress was a regular feature as his girlfriend. But it was just for show.

“For anyone who thought anything extraordinary happened, it was a live show except that it played into our personal lives too.

“I got what I wanted, which was followership and I appreciate the audience for watching. She understood what she was coming into and I understood as well. We got the mileage we both wanted and we moved on with our lives.”

Nadia Buari Looking Gorgeous In New Photos As She Rocks Chinese Attire

Popular movie actress, Nadia Buhari who was at her cousin’s wedding yesterday looked stunningly gorgeous as expected, rocking a Chinese attire.

The actress was seen athe wedding ceremony with popular Ghanian movie actor, Majid Michel and his lovely wife.

See more photos below:

Nadia Buhari Looking Gorgeous In New Photos As She Rocks Chinese Attire

Nadia Buhari Looking Gorgeous In New Photos As She Rocks Chinese Attire2

Nadia Buhari Looking Gorgeous In New Photos As She Rocks Chinese Attire4

VIDEO: Patapaa’s wife Liha Miller reveals why she agreed to marry him

– Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller, has revealed why she agreed to marry him
– She said she fell in love with him naturally, and did not choose to fall in love
– Liha said she had been bombarded with questions about why she married Patapaa
– She said some accused her of marrying him because he is famous Our manifesto:

Patapaa’s wife, Liha Miller Amoah, has opened up on why she decided to marry the One Corner hitmaker. She said she fell in love with him, and not that she chose to fall in love. Liha said contrary to what many people are accusing her of, she truly loves Patapaa and decided to stick with him.

Liha said she has had to deal with many people in her DM on social media bombarding her with questions about why she married Patapaa. Slaying gone wrong: Video of Fella Makafui tripping off her high heel and falling surfaces on the internet “Some people ask did I marry him because he has a big thing, that because he is a star, or he is famous, or because they say black men are strong,” Liha disclosed. Asked if she was fine with the question one journalist asked Patapaa about why she chose to marry a white woman, Liha said no. Her submission in the video has excited fans and they have called her mature and intelligent.


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Yaa, for instance, called her a mature woman: true_yaa: “A matured woman.”

Peachnez likes Patapaa’s wife: peachnez_: “Love come from nowhere ampa. I like his wife though”

Kala said Patapaa’s wife is intelligent: iamkala_1: “The lady is intelligent.”

Jungle wrote that Patapaa’s wife is opened-minded: jungleville2: “The girl get sense and libral minds.”

Leticia said the couple has true love: leticiabotchway: “This is true love.”

Fraud is no hustle, work for your money – Keche Andrew’s wife Joana throws fresh shade Dede was happy Patapaa and wife found each other: dedechancelor: “She speaks with such truth and am happy they found each other. Love knows no boundaries. I wish them well.” Meanwhile, Patapaa had earlier responded to a question about why he married his wife.


ROMANTIC: Fella Makafui makes fans jealous as she showers praise on hubby Medikal in new photo

  • Fella Makafui has taken time off her busy schedule to celebrate her husband, Medikal
  • The actress posted a photo of her hubby and said he was the man after her own heart
  • Many fans and followers of the power couple took to the comment section to praise them

Actress and super mom, Precious Fella Makafui Frimpong, has showered lovey-dovey words on her husband and award-winning rapper Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal.

Fella Makafui took to her official Instagram page and shared a photo of her rapper husband standing beside on of his many cars.

The YOLO actress, after posting the photo of her husband, decided to shower him with words and claimed he had stolen her heart while professing undying love to him.

‘Romantic’ Fella Makafui showers praise on hubby Medikal in new photo; fans jealous Source: Original

Fella Makafui captioned the photo, “he Man wey thief my heart. I Love you zaddy ..Thank You”

Veteran actress Kalsoume Sinare stuns social media with close up photo; fans react Many fans and followers took to the comment section to praise the celebrity couple.

mharmeakuakizzlyn came in with the comment: “Yie yie love sweet” lilshuga_ commented: “Wahala for who no marry chale” hawa_bramah wrote: “Love go sweet o”
ayeh09 dropped Medikal’s nickname: “El chairmano”
millirich90 commented: “You are blessed dear”
kwamezack_ quizzed: “Love catch you before?”
fake.jeffbezos dropped the funniest comment of all: “Let’s report him to the police so he can return your heart @fellamakafui”
priscillahills87 also wrote: “Awwww…..such nice couple……… meant to be forever”

There were many such comments that prove Fella Makafui and her husband Medikal are truly loved and adored by their teeming fans and followers.

Fella was cat walking confidently in a beautiful luxurious dress when she almost broke her leg.

It appears she was having fun in her room before stepping out to where she was going.

But for her immediate pause, Fella would have been admitted at the hospital for a fracture by now.

Nadia Buari reveals why she keeps her marriage a secret and the faces of her 4 children hidden

Nadia Buari who marked her birthday received much love from her family. Her kids showered her with kisses and hugged her as well as wished her well on her new age.

Nadia’s husband after the kids had raised the curtains followed suit and kissed the actress on her face.

Despite not showing their faces it could be seen from the video that her twins have grown tall and looking nice.

“It was my choice. People know me as a character on the screen but behind the scene, I am Nadia Buari. I am not a reality star, that’s not what I introduced to the world.

“I introduced a character so I feel like there is always supposed to be a border between my private and public life. It’s a personal choice. Now I feel my children are too young and I don’t know when they will ever be ready for this.

“They are innocent and don’t even understand the media and everything that comes with it. It will be so unfair to put them out there when they haven’t asked for it. I am just respecting the fact that they are very innocent,” Nadia disclosed.

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